FuelEx financial solution

A Unique system

Hyper-vertical digital finance platform model

We put a single cloud-based finance collaboration platform at the center of a huge and enormously inefficient industry -the upstream, midstream-, downstream liquid fuel value chain-to give companies a rapid, low-cost path to achieving breakthrough business agility and performance.

On social networks like Facebook® and LinkedIn®, if you change something in your personal profile, your “connected” friends get the update immediately. You only have to change it once and your entire network is on the same page-instantly.

Contrast this to the time prior to social networks, when you would have to manually call or email your contacts to notify them of any major changes. In the world of connected vertical communities, the network information model takes on exceptional power.

Orders, shipments, products, invoices, payments, finance and hundreds of other complex and dynamic business objects are modeled and represented just once, in the cloud, on FuelEX, so the whole supply chain is working from the same single version of supply chain truth.

In the same way social platforms have changed the way people interact with each other, FuelEX is transforming business-to-business commerce and supply chain finance. For an industry plagued by inefficiency, poor information, working capital lock-up and lax communication, that’s a revolution of the highest order.


Financial and physical supply chain fused

FuelEX connects the financial and physical supply chains. This allows buyers and sellers, and financial institutions & logistics providers to work together over a common platform with a single, consistent, up-to-date information source supporting multiple supply chain functions.

The Opportunity

The FuelEX platform

We provide the business software applications, the technology, and a pre-established, vast community of trading partners to give companies the network advantage they need. It’s the combination of these three things that makes information sharing and collaboration across globally-distributed partner networks finally possible. It starts by putting your supply chain in the cloud. 

The Platform is flexible

FuelEX is a finance platform for all trading partners-but it’s also a platform for the specific needs of each and every company on the network. Whether businesses are deploying new sourcing strategies ,undergoing new market expansions, or dealing with unexpected disruptions, the path to operational agility begins with a platform that can provide robust,real-time visibility, finance and flexibility. Fuel supply and demand is always on the move. FuelEX empowers organizations to keep moving and stay ahead.

FuelEx financial supply chain

The most comprehensive platform for supply chain network finance orchestration

80% of supply chain processes and data live outside the walls of the enterprise. Companies need to orchestrate their supply chains successfully to be competitive. It’s essential to seamlessly connect the entire supply chain: both upstream and downstream, so that information can flow across all trading partners.

FuelEX solutions improve service levels while reducing cost to serve by providing end-to-end connectivity, visibility, and collaboration with suppliers, customers, and other supply chain partners. By integrating the physical and financial supply chains, companies significantly improve working capital and ensure a resilient supply chain.

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