Hunt for realistic car fuel consumption figures

financial powerhouses to conduct fuel economy tour in SA

Financial powerhouses WesBank and First National Bank (FNB) are joining forces to sponsor a five-day Fuel Economy Tour of South Africa that will provide motorists not only with definitive car fuel consumption figures but also indicative travelling times between major centres in the country.

The event, for standard production passenger cars and light commercials, will take place from November 12-16 and will involve a five-day drive on major roads from Johannesburg to Cape Town via Durban, East London, Port Elizabeth, and George, with a total combined distance of 2500km.

Fuel consumption in doubt

For many years there have been doubts about manufacturers’ claimed fuel consumption figures, which are obtained in laboratory conditions. WesBank and FNB are sponsoring an event dedicated to obtaining realistic fuel consumption figures over a significant distance on roads well-travelled by South African motorists and transport companies.

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