commercial solutions


Oil companies and distribution communities are constantly challenged to coordinate with their partners in the global supply chain. FuelEx allows suppliers to easily collaborate with buyers, logistics providers, and financial institutions for order management, loading and scanning, transportation management, and access to capital and other financial services.

retail solutions


Retail is more demanding than ever. Given that the price of petrol at the pump is regulated and driven by technologically savvy customers with high expectations for product availability and high service levels – company owned retailer operated (CORO) and retailer owned retailer operated (RORO) fuel service stations - today face the challenge of delivering specialized products quickly and efficiently across multiple channels. Leading retailers using FuelEx understand that visibility and agility across the supply network is the key to maintaining profits in the race to earn customer loyalty.

storage solutions


The complex distribution of fuel from oil companies to downstream levels, including through wholesalers and retailers, to final consumers by pipeline, road and rail to and from storage facilities and/or depots around the country require the latest technologies to enhance supply chain visibility and control. Leading storage facilities leveraging the FuelEx platform can stay on the cutting edge of technology without having to incur heavy development costs.

Transport solutions


Today's top logistics services providers get their services and capabilities through the FuelEx platform. Transporters can offer their customers the latest technologies to enhance supply chain visibility and control. In this capacity, transporters become vital strategic partners to their customers. By using FuelEx platform features developed for the fourth industrial revolution, transporters can stay on the cutting edge of technology by harnessing the new ways in which technology becomes embedded within societies and even the human body without having to incur heavy development costs.

Finance solutions


FuelEx delivers better revenue opportunities for financial services providers and more effective financial services to entities in the fuel industry network. The platform reduces risk by providing visibility into the electronic data between suppliers and their customers. Orders, invoices, amendments, open shipment balances, payment history, and other relevant information are unified on the platform, giving financial institutions clear insight into their risk. The "network approach" creates new opportunities to insert capital into the supply chain during key stages of the transaction life cycle. Visibility into transaction flow between vendors and buyers opens the door to offering new finance opportunities with greater confidence. Read more about our innovative finance system

security solutions


FuelEx enables the security industry to harness technology’s key role in industry development. Increased cost-consciousness requires security companies to be efficient, well managed and innovative. More tailored industry and customer solutions is something expected by customers. Greater risks, both perceived and real, are expected to be handled by senior management in rapidly moving and complex global business arenas. More technically mature customers, together with increased digitization, new and cheaper equipment, and the rapid development of the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, are expanding and changing the product mix demand and offerings available within the security industry. Sustainability and transparency are expected to a higher degree by customers and other stakeholders. The FuelEx platform cover those blind spots for you. Protecting people and property is your primary goal. FuelEx makes sure that you are covered from all angles.

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